How do I get Adobe Sign?

Adobe Sign can be more complex and confusing to use than many other software.

Because of this, the IT department requires training for users that wish to use the product.

Adobe Sign is an electronic signature (e-signature) solution. There are several benefits over paper, including:

Improved approval process

  • Automate approval notifications & reminders

  • Design workflow electronically

  • No need for physical delivery of forms

Detailed tracking

  • Entire approval process can be followed as it makes its way through the workflow from one checkpoint to another

  • Lost forms are no longer an issue because forms are stored electronically and can be sent again

  • Hard copies available for download


  • Templates can be designed to pre-fill certain fields

  • No need to decipher handwriting

In preparation for using Adobe Sign, the following steps should be taken:

Transition to electronically fillable forms:

      • Become familiar with Acrobat (materials also included in Blackboard course)

      • Create every new form with fillable capability

      • Incorporate consistent formatting (logo placement, font selection, margins, etc.)

All CUI Staff and Faculty are added to a Blackboard Course titled "Adobe_Sign (Sender Tutorials)" upon their start with the university. If you would like to use Adobe Sign in any capacity, at least partial completion of this course is necessary.

If you are not in the Course, please contact us with the issue and we will be happy to assist you.

There are two levels of access you can gain to Adobe Sign:

  1. Access to 'Send via Workflow' only

  • Users are given access to any pre-made workflows that are shared sitewide (e.g. the Check Requests and PO processes, as well as any future ones that are implemented), but won't be able to create their own processes or send agreements for signature outside of these.

  1. Access to all of the Sending Features

  • Users are given access to the workflows as well as all other Sign features.

To obtain access to just the "Send via Workflow" option, you will need to complete Section 1: Overview and Section 2: Responsible Usage, take their corresponding tests in Section 5 with a score of 100%, and sign the Adobe Sign Access Request Form.

To obtain access to the Full Sending features, you will need to complete all sections of the course, take their corresponding tests in Section 5 with a score of 100%, and sign the Adobe Sign Access Request Form.

Once the access form is submitted, your completion of the course will be reviewed by an IT Technician. If all of the requirements are met, you will receive an email with instructions of how to login, as well as links to other helpful articles regarding Adobe Sign.