Adobe Sign Migration Action Items

Adobe recently updated the Adobe Sign domain from to With this change, there are a few action items that users of some features should complete. If you do not use any of the features listed below, you will not have to take any action and can continue to use Sign normally.

Update Web Form Links

When an Adobe Sign web form is created, it is identified by a unique webformId (wid). The domain migration changed the URLs of web forms created prior to the transition, but not the webformIds. While this allows for the content of the web forms to remain intact, references to the URLs, such as in an email template or on the CUI website, will need to be updated appropriately.

To retrieve the new URL for a web form, follow these instructions.


A web form URL prior to the domain change:


The same web form's updated URL after the domain change:


Note: To assist with the transition, Adobe will continue to accept inbound Sign traffic on the domain for a temporary time, but will eventually decommission it, hence requiring the updated links.

Update Gmail Filters

After the migration, all notification emails from Sign were updated to send from Any filters that were originally created with as the sender will need to be updated to apply properly.

Follow these instructions to edit your Gmail filters.