Requisition for Purchase Orders (POs)

1. On the Adobe Sign dashboard, locate the "Use a Workflow" drop-down menu.

2. Select the appropriate workflow for your scenario then click Start.

Note: In this example, a check request workflow is being used, but you will need to choose a requisition for PO workflow for the appropriate amount instead. The general sending process is the same, but the requisition form will ask for different financial information than a check request. If you have any questions about the financial aspects of the form (e.g. vendor information, budget numbers, etc.), please contact Finance at

3. On the workflow send page, review the following sections (Note: Some sections are only available for certain workflows, which depend on the amount for which you are submitting):

a. How does this workflow work?: This section provides an overview of the workflow, including instructions about how it works. Always review this section before using a workflow.

b. Requester: Enter the email address of the first participant who needs to sign the agreement.

c. BTF Officer: Enter the email address of the second participant who needs to sign the agreement.

d. EVP (for workflows $5k and up only): Enter the email address of the third participant who needs to sign the agreement.

e. CFO (for workflows $25k and up only): This email address is set to the current CFO and cannot be changed.

f. Finance Accounts Payable Specialist: This email address is set to the current Accounts Payable Specialist and cannot be changed.

g. CC (Optional): If desired, enter the email address of a recipient who needs a copy of the agreement.

h. Document Name: Modify this field to enter details of the agreement, such as the date, vendor or payee information, and purpose. For example, "2020-04-08 - Check Request - Susie Student - Reimbursement for AA Batteries". Note: We recommend that you be as specific as possible to differentiate agreements from one another and allow you to more effectively search for them later.

i. Message: The message has a default entry, but can be edited to add additional details if necessary.

j. Supplemental documents: At least one document (e.g. a quote or an invoice) is required to be attached. The remaining documents are optional and are dependent on how many you need to attach.

The finalized information in this example using a 25k and over workflow looks like this (Note: Again, your information may look different depending on the workflow that you select for the amount that you're submitting):

4. When all fields are filled out, check the Set Reminder box.

A drop-down menu will be revealed. Select the Every fifth day option.

5. After reviewing the information for accuracy, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Next when ready. Note: The "Preview, position signatures or add form fields" checkbox is enabled, which ensures that the authoring page loads after Next is clicked.

6. When the authoring page loads, you can review and make any final edits to the agreement's fields (Note: This page is not intended for entering data or signing; you will be given a chance to fill out the form on the next page in Step 6). Review the following information:|

a. Attached documents (e.g. quotes, invoices, etc.): Confirm pricing, vendor information, and other relevant data is listed.

b. Participants: Ensure the participant list and information is accurate.

If anything is incorrect, exit and proceed back to your dashboard by clicking the Home tab. You can also add or remove fields if needed, but the workflow is designed for the most common scenarios so you will likely not have to modify them.

If the information is accurate, you can proceed, but note the following:

If sending on behalf of yourself:

Sign will display a blue Sign, then Send button. Click it to proceed.

If you are sending the document on behalf of someone else:

Sign will display a blue Send button. Click it to proceed.

7. The next page that loads is dependent on if you're sending on behalf of yourself or on behalf of another participant.

If you're sending on behalf of yourself:

You will be allowed to fill out and sign the document before sending it to the next participant.

If you are sending the document on behalf of someone else:

The prefill page will load, which will allow you to enter information into various fields before sending the agreement to the first signer. This allows senders who typically submit financial documents on behalf of others, such as administrative assistants, to complete the form before sending it for signature.

8. Once successfully sent to the next participant, you will receive a confirmation page and can click on Manage This Agreement to view the audit history and other information about the agreement.

The below video is viewable to CUI Employees only. If you are unable to view it, please log into Chrome with your employee account.