Uploading Your Signature

(via the Sign Portal)

Section 1: Preparing Your Signature and Initials

1. On a blank piece of paper, sign your signature and print your initials as you normally would with a pen or marker (Sharpies work particularly well).

2. You will now need to save your signature and initials in a file that can be transferred to a computer. Two options are available to accomplish this:

Option 1: On a smartphone or tablet, take a picture of the signature sheet and email it to your CUI email address. On your computer, click the attachment icon to preview the file.

Option 2: At a printer, scan and email the signature sheet to your CUI email address. On your computer, click the attachment icon to preview the file.

3. Press the "Windows" key in the lower left-hand corner of your keyboard and search for "snip." Click on the "Snipping Tool" result to launch the application.

Windows 10 will also have "Snip and Sketch" which will work just as well.

4. Within the "Snipping Tool" application, click "New." This will provide a cursor for snipping a portion of your screen.

5. Use the cursor to evenly select your whole signature, eliminating as much white space as possible.

6. Once you have finished the selection, save the image file. Name the file appropriately and save it in a logical and secure location. Repeat the same steps for your initials.

Section 2: Uploading your Signature and Initials into Adobe Sign

1. If you are still logged into your Adobe Sign account and have your "Personal Preferences" settings open, select the "My Signature" option (Personal Preferences > My Signature) from the left-hand menu. If you have exited, please follow Steps 1 and 2 from the "Profile Setup" to access the "My Signature" option.

2. Under the "Your Saved Signature" section, click the "Upload" button. Browse to and select the file previously saved for only your signature.

3. Confirm the image of your signature properly displays in the "Your Saved Signature" section.

4. Repeat Steps 2-3 for your initials then click the "Save" button in the bottom right-hand corner.

Your signature and initials will now be automatically filled when you click the corresponding fields of a document.