Using the iOS App

Getting a Signature In Person

The Adobe Sign app allows you to retrieve signatures from signers in person instead of emailing them. This works well for walk-in or kiosk scenarios because documents can be initiated, reviewed, and signed on one device.


1. Locate and launch the Adobe Sign app.

2. Select the "Get Signature in Person" option.

3. Various options to "Add Documents" will load. Select the "Document Library" option.

4. The available documents in the account's "Document Library" will appear. Select the appropriate one.

5. Confirm the correct document is added. Note: For this example, the "2017_08_24_CU Rides Student Waiver" will be used.

6. Once the document is added, select the "Recipients" option and enter the signer's email address (preferably a CUI email address, such or Click "Next" on your virtual keyboard to complete the entry.

7. Confirm with the signer that the spelling of the email address is correct because this is where their copy of the document will be sent.

8. Once all information is confirmed to be correct, select the "Sign" option in the upper right-hand corner to proceed.

9. The document will load. If everything looks correct, press the "Start" button in the upper right-hand corner to proceed.

10. Press the "Click to Send" button in the upper left-hand corner to start the signature process.

11. A prompt will appear to "pass the device to the signer." Select "OK" and pass the device to the signer.

12. The signer will be asked to affirm their identity and that they are "authorized to sign this agreement" by selecting the "I am" button.

13. The app will display instructions at the top of the document for the signer and the fields will become fillable.

14. To complete the document, the signer will essentially need to fill out all required fields and sign the signature field, which will prompt them to draw their signature.

15. Once all fields have been entered, the signer will need to select the "Finish Signing" option in the upper right-hand corner to complete the process.

16. Once the process is complete, the app should return to the main page and all parties should be emailed a copy. It is important to confirm the completion process by selecting the "Completed" option and verifying that the document is present.