ShoreTel/Mitel Connect

ShoreTel was our old telecommunications vendor before being bought by Mitel, who is our current vendor when it comes to phones and telecommunications. Both names may be used interchangeably, although Mitel is the most current and "correct" name. See below for our list of articles that assist with various related issues:

Additional Help:

Changing Your Voicemail Password

To change your voicemail password if you know your current voicemail password:

  1. Dial 2106 to connect to voicemail

  2. Enter your current password, followed by #

  3. Press "7" to select the options menu

  4. Press "4" to choose a new password

  5. Enter your new password, followed by #

  6. Re-enter your new password, followed by #

If you don't remember your voicemail password, please contact us and submit a request.

Configuring Cell Phone Forwarding

This feature employs a cell phone as a substitute for your desk phone and all functions are controlled by the Mitel Connect Client application.

Incoming phone calls can be forwarded to your cell phone and is a very convenient method of handling calls while working remotely:

  1. On the Connect Client, click where your name is shown

  2. A new window should appear

  3. Under Primary Assignment select external assignment number

  4. From there you'll have to input the name of the device and the phone number you will be using in place of your desk phone

  5. There will be an additional option to either automatically connect or press 1 to connect. If you choose this option, you will be prompted to accept the call. We recommend changing this to Automatically connect. Sometimes by the time you press 1, the call has already ended.

  6. Choose the number of rings on the desk phone before it is forwarded to your cell phone. We recommend changing this value to 1.

To make calls, use the Connect Client to input a phone number or select someone from your directory.

Checking your Voicemail from a Different Phone

1. Call your work phone, it will be 949-214-**** <-- your extension

2. Press * when you hear the voicemail greeting. If you are not prompted to enter your password, press the * key a second time

3. This will take you to the Mitel system

4. When prompted for your extension, type it in

5. When prompted for your password followed by #, type that in and you will have access to your voicemail from the phone you used

Call Handling and Power Routing

To configure how calls from a specific number to your extension are handled (e.g., a vendor continues to call after you have asked them not to, repeated spam calls from the same number), you can add their phone number to a Power Routing Rule.

For example, a Power Routing Rule can be configured so that calls from a specific number are immediately forwarded to voicemail, or immediately hung up (by forwarding to extension 8686).

Another example could be when a "spam caller" continues to call from numbers that all begin with 213-807-8XXX, but the caller changes their Caller ID each time (e.g., 213-807-8123, 213-807-8456, etc.). A Power Routing Rule can configured to immediately hang up on all numbers beginning with 213-807-8***.

Please refer to Mitel's documentation via the link below to learn how to create a rule like this and more.