Respondus Online Proctoring

Respondus is an online proctoring service that CUI has adopted to help keep you focused on the online quiz, test, or exam you are taking through Canvas. The assessments in your course(s) may or may not require you to use Respondus. Check with your instructor. Respondus has two main features. The first is LockDown Browser®  that is used while taking a test and the second is called Monitor, which is a recording feature that acts like a proctor during your exam.

Your instructor will inform you if you will need to use Respondus LockDown Browser® , and if so, whether or not Monitor is required. He or she will make a practice exam available for you to test the process out before the actual exam. Take this exam as far in advance of your actual exam as possible so you have time to troubleshoot any problems.

You can also tell if an exam requires you to use Respondus by looking at the title of your exam in Canvas. If it says “Requires Respondus LockDown Browser® ”, then you will need to use Respondus. If the title also says “Webcam”, you will need to have a working webcam on your computer.

Only Windows computers, Macs, and iPads are supported. You cannot install LockDown Browser®  on a Chromebook or other unsupported operating system, so you will need to contact your instructor well in advance of the test if you do not have a device with a supported operating system.

Access the Student Quick Start Guide.

What is LockDown Browser

LockDown Browser® is a custom browser that restricts the online testing environment

What is Monitor?

Respondus Monitor® builds upon the power of LockDown Browser®, using your webcam and video analytics to monitor activity during an online test. You must already have LockDown Browser® installed to use Monitor®.

You must download this specific LockDown Browser®. To begin taking an exam using Respondus, you must open the Respondus LockDown Browser, which will automatically take you to the login screen of Blackboard. Do NOT open Blackboard first.