Classroom Technology

Podium Controls

  • ON and OFF control power to the projector.

  • PC, VGA, and HDMI are inputs that can display on the projector.

    • PC: Displays what's on the local podium computer.

    • VGA: Displays a laptop connected to the VGA cable.

    • HDMI: Displays a laptop (or another device) connected to the HDMI cable.

  • DISPLAY MUTE: Also called "picture mute". Stops the projector from displaying the selected device without powering off.

Click here or on the Title above to get a quick overview of the different cables that you will need to use the podium.

To connect an OWL (or its corresponding Webcam) to your device, plug the USB cable labeled OWL (or Webcam) into the desired device. See the image here.

For an extended look at how to use the OWL, click here or on the Title above.