New to CUI? Welcome!

Welcome to CUI! While you are here, there are a few online resources that you will be accessing fairly frequently. Some of the most common ones are listed below. All of these sites use a Single Sign-On (SSO) account to log-in to them, this will be your E# as the username and then the password you set (or a temporary password provided by IT) as the password.

Account Manager

This site is likely the first place you will go after being accepted to the university. Here you can manage your account security by changing or creating your password, unlocking your account, and activating your account.

You can access to this resource by navigating to


MyRecords is where you will manage all of your finances and enrollment while attending CUI. Here you can find information regarding your personal information, current course enrollment, graduation plan, financial aid, and tuition.

You can access this resource by navigating to

CUI Email

Your CUI email will be the main mode of communication while you are at CUI. It functions exactly the same as a personal email, but it is managed and owned by the university. Your email address will be in the following format:



You can access this resource at:


Canvas is the new learning management system (LMS) we use at CUI. This is where your classes will be hosted while attending CUI. Here you will submit assignments, post discussions, and take quizzes/exams.

You can access Canvas at:


Blackboard is the learning management system (LMS) that CUI used. While we are moving towards Canvas, some courses are still hosted on Blackboard. While visually they are different, functionally they are the same.

You can access Blackboard at:

MyCUI Portal

The MyCUI portal has links to the resources listed above, as well as additional information regarding things going on around the university. Things like events held on campus, sports events, cafeteria menus, and more information regarding different departments are all listed in the portal. You will not have access to the portal until you have:

You can access this resource at:

Along with the resources listed above, CUI also provides licenses to some paid software to use while at CUI.


Zoom is frequently used at CUI, whether for meetings or for classes. CUI provides a licensed account to all students and staff. To sign in to this account here is a more in-depth guide.


Office365 provides licensed access to the essential Microsoft Office programs through CUI. With Office 365, you will gain access to programs like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and a few others shown above. Here is our guide on how to set this account up.