Set Up CUI Zoom Account

Student Zoom Account Setup

All current students can now establish a Zoom account under the university site license. This includes advanced features and no time limit on meetings. There is no cost to the student for this account and the account will remain active as long as the student is enrolled at the university.

For those who need new accounts (you have not already created a Zoom account with your Eagles email), you will be provisioned a Zoom account when you sign in via the CUI Zoom portal.

    • Go to

    • Click on the "Sign in to one of the following sites" option.

    • Select "02. Zoom" from the drop-down menu.

    • Click "Sign In".

    • Type in your CUI credentials and click "Sign in".

For those who already have associated a Zoom account with their student Eagles email address ( on their own, Zoom provides some more detailed instructions. NOTE: If you have already established a paid Zoom account with your Eagles email address and have add-ons or other members associated on the account, please remove all of these features. Please also save all of your personal data (including recordings) and remove it from the account before proceeding.

  • In order to consolidate all Zoom accounts that are associated with CUI Eagles email addresses ( under the site license, ITS has enabled settings to give existing account holders the option to either join CUI or change their existing Zoom account from their Eagles email address to a personal email.

  • If you plan to use your existing Zoom account for CUI, follow these instructions to join CUI.

  • If you wish to keep your existing Zoom account for personal use, follow these instructions to change it to your personal email address.

If you have any questions, please contact IT Services at or 949-214-3175.