Independent Accounts

The following accounts are not managed by the Concordia IT Department. If you have questions about these accounts we will, of course, do what we can to help but that will nearly always entail redirecting you to the respective department.

CRM Team Managed Accounts

Salesforce/TargetX -

Salesforce offers customer/client data management with integrated phone management. This is most often the first point of data collection before the student is accepted. For this reason it is mostly utilized by Admissions. For assistance with a salesforce account please contact

Admissions Online Application -

For new students applying to the university, if they are not using the CommonApp they may apply through CUI's Online application. This account is also managed by the CRM Team and if a user requires assistance they should contact

ITS Managed Accounts (Non-SSO)

Office 365 includes most of the professional office suite for free as a student. IT Supervisors (Fulltimers) have access to modify and reset Office 365 accounts.

Writing Studio Managed Account

For access please visit This account is managed by the writing center not ITS.

Online Writing Lab (WCOnline) -

WC Online is the portal for Concordia's online writing lab. This account is self-service and is not managed by ITS. For assistance with this account use the help features for WC Online.

University Services and Res Managed Accounts

25Live allows users to look up room availabilities, schedule event venues, and see activity on campus. This software is used by University Services and the Registrar to schedule classes, events, meetings, and anything requiring room reservations. For assistance with 25Live contact

Generally Managed Accounts (Mulitple Departments)

The all-in-one box office solution for the entire campus is a ticket management system independently administered by several different departments on campus. This system is not managed by IT and support for SimpleTix can be found on their site.