Passwords And Accounts

CUI Accounts and Their Differences

All CUI accounts can be categorized as either "Single Sign-On" or "Independent".

Single Sign-On (SSO) accounts are more common and are all linked together, meaning they share the same password. The most visited websites are single sign-on, including MyRecords, Blackboard, Email, and even Zoom. Changing the password for one account changes the password for all of them. 

Learn how to reset or change your SSO password here.

Independent accounts cover a broader range of websites and do not all share the same password. You may still need to use your E# or Email as a username/ID, but passwords are completely independent per website. For some, you may be able to reset the password yourself, but for others you may need an IT technician to assist you in getting that account working again. 

The best way to find login information for an independent account is to visit the Find an Account page or to contact us.

As a friendly reminder, make sure to never share your E# and Password with anyone, as that is both a security risk (a shared key does not secure against other identical keys), and a headache (as the password will need to be changed to something that has not been used before).


Ex: MyRecords, Email, Blackboard

Ex: eRez, Registration PIN, Office 365

Looking for a specific account? Try looking here!