Clearing Cookies/Cache

Cached files and cookies can sometimes save and store outdated information, which will lead to experiencing problems when trying to access a particular website. The problems and errors that arise can be fixed by clearing your browser's cache:

Clear Cookies for a Specific Site (on Google Chrome): 

These methods will clear the cache for a specific site. All other cached files for other sites in the browser will remain stored. 

1. Open chrome and maneuver to the site encountering the Cookies/Cache-related error (most often Error 500). The click on the 'padlock' in the upper left hand corner, immediately to the left of the URL Bar. 

2. Select "Cookies" from the dropdown menu.

3. Select the "Remove" option until all sites in the list above are gone. Once done the list should be empty. 

4. Once this has been completed close the tab and maneuver back to the site you just removed all of the cookies from. Note that if this method doesn't work move on to Method 2 below. 

If the issue persists, the following article offers a more thorough cache clear process which will wipe the cache for all sites: