The following is a brief overview on how to send and receive faxes using the print to fax software:

(Keep in mind that you do need to be on campus connected to ethernet or connected to CUI-Secure)

Sending a Fax

1. Install the Fax Printer if you have not already. To do this:

a. Click the Start menu

b. Type in \\printers\fax and press enter.

c. Click “OK” or “Yes” for any security warnings and wait for the printer to install

2. In order to send a fax, open the file/picture/document you want to send on your computer:

a. For a Hard Copy of a document:

i. Go to a photocopier near you and scan the document to your email address

ii. Open the email when you receive it, and open the attached .pdf file

b. For a file on your computer:

i. Open the file in the program it was created with.

3. From the file menu of the program that the document is open in, choose “Print.”

4. Select the “Campus Outgoing Fax” printer from the print menu, then click “OK” or “Print.” (Make sure you do NOT select just "FAX")

5. Once you click “Print” a dialog box will appear:

a. In this box select the second tab "Specify Destination"

i. Below the box "Fax Number" type the number you wish to fax to. Make sure to type “71” at the beginning of the Fax Numbers in order for the fax server to dial out first.

6. Once all settings are complete, click the “Send” button or “Send & Save” if you chose to save a copy locally.

Receiving a Fax

In order to receive a fax the sender should address it to your phone number and extension, or your CUI email. If sent to your phone number, your phone will ring upon receiving a fax. Do not answer your phone if you believe it to be a fax; however, if you do answer your phone and it is a fax you will hear beeping noise, wait for them to stop before hanging the phone up. You will receive the fax in your email inbox momentarily.

Finding Where A Fax Is Going

1 - Log into fax.cui.edu

2 - Click on Fax Configuration

3 - Click on Inbound Routing

4 - Search Recipients (you can sort them by column)

5 - You can then look at the Users and find the email associated with the account name and extension that you are looking for