Mitel Connect

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Configuring Cell Phone Forwarding

This feature employs a cell phone as a substitute for your desk phone and all functions are controlled by the Mitel Connect Client application. 

Incoming phone calls can be forwarded to your cell phone and is a very convenient method of handling calls while working remotely:

To make calls, use the Connect Client to input a phone number or select someone from your directory. 

Call Handling and Power Routing

To configure how calls from a specific number to your extension are handled (e.g., a vendor continues to call after you have asked them not to, repeated spam calls from the same number), you can add their phone number to a Power Routing Rule.

For example, a Power Routing Rule can be configured so that calls from a specific number are immediately forwarded to voicemail, or immediately hung up (by forwarding to extension 8686).

Another example could be when a "spam caller" continues to call from numbers that all begin with 213-807-8XXX, but the caller changes their Caller ID each time (e.g., 213-807-8123, 213-807-8456, etc.). A Power Routing Rule can configured to immediately hang up on all numbers beginning with 213-807-8***.

Please refer to Mitel's documentation via the link below to learn how to create a rule like this and more.