Logging into the Mitel Client

If it is your first time using the Mitel Connect application you will need to log in. Typically, your login credentials are the same as the ones you use to log into a computer or your email. Sometimes, however, in the instance of a shared or general-use phone, the login credentials are completely different. This guide will walk you through logging in for either case.

How to Sign In (PC):

To sign in to Mitel you will use your Single Sign-on (SSO) information which will be your E# and the same password you use for other resources such as MyRecords or MyCUI.

Next, you will want to make sure to click on "Show Advanced", then enter "PHONE.CUI.EDU" in the "Server" field.

Finally, if you want to be automatically signed in when you open Mitel, click the checkbox next to "Remember Me".

Alternatively; you can check the box next to "Use Windows Credentials" and it will auto-fill your username and password to be whatever you used to sign into the device. This is OPTIONAL and is just another way to sign in.

How to Sign In (Mac):

The process of signing in to Mitel on a Mac is the same as signing in on a PC (see above) but with one important caveat: do not check the box for "Use Windows Credentials".

Shared/General Use Phone:

The username and password for shared phones will be provided to you by your supervisor.

Aside from that, follow the instructions above depending on whether you are signing in from a PC or a Mac.

Ensure "Use Windows Credentials" is NOT checked and that the server is set to "PHONE.CUI.EDU"