Using an OWL

Video Walkthrough:

Written Instruction Guide:

Most of the classrooms on campus are outfitted with Metting Owl Pro 360˚ cameras.

These cameras should always be located in the yellow triangle and should never be moved. Some of these tripods will also have a mounted webcam, others will have the webcam mounted from the ceiling. (This is because some lights affect the image of the camera at the angle on the tripods)

Both of these devices are wired to the podium and labeled on USB cables for instructor use on the podium computers or in a laptop.

For podium computer use, ensure the cables are plugged into the USB ports at the front of the machine. Please try not to put any strain on the cables as the ports are fragile.

To USE the cameras in Zoom, it must be selected. Use the carrot button " ^ " on the side of the video button, and select the camera you wish to use.

***Please note that the owl may stay on the loading page seen below for up to 5 minutes***

If you wish to use both cameras at the same time, select the primary video feed to whatever camera you wish to be the default (we recommend the owl) and then select "Share Screen" or press Alt + S. From the following menu, select the "Advanced" tab at the top, and click on "Content from 2nd Camera" and then "Share".

***Please note that you can only share two inputs at once. If you use both cameras you will not be able to share a powerpoint or video, you would need to select a camera to use.

If the sound is not working, ensure it selected from the audio input menu, as seen below. "Meeting Owl Pro" is the keyword you'll be looking for.