Saving To Google Drive

Follow the instructions below to save files from the Apple Productivity Suite to your google Drive.

**These instructions are made using Pages, but the process is the same in Numbers and Keynote.**

Step 1. If you are not already, be sure to open the File that you would like to save from the Main Menu in the Application.

Step 2. When you are ready to save your file, press the Share Button, and select "Send a Copy".

Step 3. In the Next window select the format you would like to save the file as. If you want to continue editing it in the app you are using select the current file format, in this case Pages.

Step 4. In the Next Window, next to "Add to Notes", select More.

Step 5. On the next page, turn the switch for Google Drive on so that it is green. Then press "Done".

Step 6. When you go back to the previous menu you should see the Google Drive icon. Select the icon to be taken into your Google Drive.

Step 7. Navigate to the location in your Google Drive that you would like to save the file and the select "Upload".

Step 8. When your upload is complete, select close.

Your file has now been saved as a copy to the Google Drive. If you would like, you can delete the original.