Google BackUp and Sync

It is highly recommended that all users make use of the Google application Backup and Sync. This program, depending on configuration, will backup specified folders on your computer to you CUI Google Drive as well as will sync your MyDrive to your machine.

**We do not use the sync function as it downloads all contents of your MyDrive to your local machine, which can cause slowdowns.**

1. Application Setup

To set up the application, open the start menu and search for Backup and Sync from Google. In some case, you may need to look in the notifications tray (below) and find the icon of a cloud with an up arrow. Right-click the icon and look for a box that says "Backup and Sync. (Reference images below)

Click on "Sign In"

On the next page select "Get Started" and it will redirect you to a page asking you for an email address.

Don't enter an email address, but instead click on where it says "Sign in with your browser instead"

Your browser will open either to a page like the image below, where you can enter your full CUI email address, or select it from a list.

*Be sure to only use your CUI email*

You may then be directed to this page below to sign into your account. Enter your E# and password and select "Login"

Next, you will be taken to a page with the below message. Click "Allow" to continue.

You can now go back to the Back Up and Sync setup. If you do not see the window, reference the image below to reopen the program for the notifications tray.

On the next page click "Got It" and proceed to selecting what folders to backup.

By Default, it will select the Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders, but you can deselect those and/or select a different folder by clicking "Choose Folder".

If you select Choose folder you will be taken to File Explorer to select the additional folder(s) to back up.

Leave the Original Quality option selected under Photo and Video upload size and then click "Next" and then "Got It" to proceed to configuring the Google Drive Sync Settings.

Uncheck the Box next to "Sync My Drive to this computer". If this option is not unchecked the users entire MyDrive will be downloaded and can fill their entire Hard Drive.

To finish, click "Start" this will start the backup of the users specified folders to their Google Drive.

2. Further Configuration

After the initial setup, there are some optional but recommended settings to configure.

Open Back Up and Sync from the notifications tray like in the below image.

then in the window that appears, select the 3 dots in the top right and then choose Preferences

In the next menu change the following options from the image below;

1. Update Removing Items to "Remove Items Everywhere"

2-4. Update USB & SD Cards settings and uncheck Plug in camera or phone to back up files.

5. Apply the settings by clicking "OK"

Backup and Sync is now configured.

3. Accessing the Backup

If you would like to view the files and folders, they should now be visible under the "Computers" tab in your Google Drive when logging in through your browser.