Upgrading From Backup and Sync

As of October 1st, 2021, Google Drive Backup and Sync has transitioned into the Google Drive for Desktop application. This guide exists to assist in upgrading to the newest version so your data will continue to be backed up.

Step 1 - Sign in prompt

Now that Backup and Sync has been discontinued you will likely start seeing pop-ups coming from Google Drive about the need to replace backup and sync.

Select "Sign in" to begin the replacement process.

Step 2 - Sign in using your CUI Account

Select or provide your @cui.edu email you would like moved from Backup and Sync to the Google Drive Application.

Step 3 - Remove Backup and Sync

Proceed to remove backup and sync from your computer as it will no longer be useful once the account is moved to the Drive Desktop App. This process may take a moment as it will check all of the folders to ensure that everything transfers properly.

Step 4 - Setting Up Google Drive Desktop App

Follow the prompts to finish installing the Google Drive Desktop Application. This app will serve the same purpose with some added features on top of those previously offered with Backup and Sync.

Once it has been completed you will receive a prompt. Make sure to check the preferences of the app to ensure they are set up to your personal preference.

Not receiving a message to update?

If you are not receiving the above prompt to start using Google Drive for Desktop, let us know. You will likely need to manually initiate the app to begin the process. This sometimes requires the app to be reinstalled, so it's best to let us know.