Connecting to an Apple TV

Apple TV's are in select classrooms around campus for presenters to use with their iPads or other AirPlay compatible devices. If you have an iPad and would like to present using an Apple TV, follow the instructions below.

1. Be sure that you are connected to CUI_Secure.

In Settings>Wi-FI be sure that you are connected to CUI_Secure. If you need to connect, log into the CUI_Secure Network using your E# and Password.

2. Next, you will want to turn on the Apple TV and Switch the Projector input the the "iPad" input.

Make sure that the Display switch is set to "On" and that the input is set to"iPad". Also be sure that the "Pic Mute" button is not on if there is one on the panel.

**If you do not see an iPad button, there may not be an Apple TV in your classroom**

3. Now, you need to locate the Apple TV through the Control Center and connect to it.

To Access Control Center, simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen until you see this menu, then select AirPlay.

4. Now you want to select the appropriate Apple TV for the classroom you are in.

In the AirPlay menu, select the Apple TV named after your classroom, and then move the switch for "Mirroring" to the right, so that it turns green.

5. Type in the given code when prompted.

On the projector screen, you should see a 4-digit code. Enter the code on the iPad where prompted and press "OK".

6. Check your connection.

You will know your device is projecting by 3 signs, your notifications bar will turn blue, you will see the AirPlay symbol in the notifications bar next to your battery icon, and you should be able to see you device mirrored on the projector screen. If you see all three of these, you are good to go!

If you are experiencing difficulty, contact ITS at ext. 3175 and we will send someone to assist you.

7. To Disconnect, simply go back into the AirPlay menu through Control Center and select "iPad".