Recording a Zoom Presentation or Session

As a student, you have the capability to record a meeting session to your local computer. This may be useful if you are required to record a presentation for an assignment or for general review purposes. However, there are two recording scenarios to be aware of:

  1. Are you a participant in someone else's Zoom session such as your instructor's class meeting?

    • If so, your host (instructor) will need to grant you recording rights first before you are allowed to record the meeting.

  2. Are you a host in your own Zoom meeting?

    • If so, you will have access to the record button on your Zoom toolbar.

    • Do you have a Concordia Zoom account? If not, click here to set up an account. Click here for Zoom support materials.

Steps to record and share a presentation:

  1. Open your PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, or other on your computer.

  2. Start or join your Zoom meeting.

  3. Make sure you are not muted.

  4. Click the Start Video button on the Zoom toolbar if you want your camera on so you will be seen in the presentation as a video inset (your floating head in a corner of your presentation).

5. Click the Share Screen button, choose the Desktop or window that shows your presentation, and click the Share button.

6. Start recording by clicking the More button on the top right of your Zoom toolbar and then choose Record on this Computer.

7. Do your presentation.

8. When finished, stop the recording by click the More button and choosing Stop Recording.

9. Stop sharing your screen.

10. End your meeting.

11. Allow Zoom to process your recording. Do not turn off your computer while it is processing.

12. Click the Save button if you are OK with the location it will save the recording to. By default, it will create a new Zoom folder in your Documents folder, create a folder under that with the date, and save a recording named zoom_0.mp4.

The recording file is named zoom_0.mp4. This is the file that will eventually be shared with your instructor. Do NOT upload this file directly to Blackboard. Instead, upload it to your Google Drive and share it. The resulting link is what you can submit to Blackboard and/or email your instructor.

13. Go to and click the New button.

14. Click the File Upload option.

15. Locate your zoom_0.mp4 file in the date folder within your Zoom folder in your Documents folder and click the Open button. This will start the upload process to your Google Drive. This upload process can take a very long time depending on how long your video is and how fast your upload Internet speeds are.

16. Rename your recording file to match the assignment name and/or your name. To do so, right-click the zoom_0.mp4 file and choose Rename.

17. To share the video presentation, right-click on the video file and choose Get link.

18. Change the share setting to "Anyone with the link" (do not choose Concordia University Irvine) and then click the Copy link button. This is the link you will submit to Blackboard and/or email your instructor depending on what your instructor would like you to do.