iPad FAQ

"Your iCloud Account is now being used by..."

If you recently received a notification that "your iCloud account is now being used for".... or anything alerting you that it is on another device, don't worry. We use the same iCloud account for all iOS devices on campus to keep track of them in the case of loss or theft. But this means that every-time we add it to a new device you will get notified. You can feel free to ignore these.

"Please enter the password for your CarDav/CalDav Account"

Follow the steps as outlined here.

I want to buy a paid App, is there a specific procedure?

If you would like to purchase a paid app, there are a few ways you can go about it.

  • You could purchase it yourself and submit a check request form to be reimbursed.

  • You could check with your department and see if you can use a department credit card to purchase the app.

  • You could either purchase it directly from your account or use it to purchase an iTunes Gift card.

What do I do if I damage my iPad?

We have 2 years of Apple Care on all of our new iPads. You can first check to see if your device is covered by going to this link and following the instructions. If your device isn't covered, please bring it into our office and let us know. Depending on the type damage, we may send it in for repairs!

Should I get a case?

Yes! We encourage all employees with an iPad to purchase a case to protect your device. We recommend the following cases;

You can purchase any case you would like, but be sure to work with your department to get reimbursed!

Can I use a keyboard with the iPad?

Yes! You can use any Bluetooth keyboard made for tablets. We recommend this model here! Or if you would like a case with an attached keyboard, you may want to look into this model here (only for iPad Air 2).